Great season, Sox! Go Phillies.

The Red Sox didn’t quite have it this year.  Too many injuries for one thing.  Papi, Lowell, Beckett in particular.  I’m happy they made it to the play-offs this year. As Bob Ryan writes in the Boston Globe,

The sum and substance of it all is that this new era of Red Sox success is ongoing. This team took a lot of hits this year and still came within a game of the World Series. No team has accomplished more in this new century.

Having grown up in the Philadelphia part of New Jersey, I grew up watching the Phillies on TV.  I was a Phillies fan except when they played the Brooklyn Dodgers.  (one of my first loves was Sandy Koufax.) The first live game I went to was a Phillies Double Header with my father.  So I’m with Joe Biden.  Go Phillies!

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