Clothes, Terrorists, and being Muslim

Lots of stuff flying around the campaign the last day or so.  First, there is the Palin family makeover.  What was the RNC thinking about?  The Palins are from Alaska and so they need to dress more like the lower forty-eight?  They look too much like hicks?  Wasn’t the sales pitch that they are an ordinary working family?  I guess they didn’t have any clothes except from Wal Mart or Target.  According to the New York Times, the same Republican consultant, Jeff Larson, not only shops, but does robocalls.

Which leads to the robocalls that are being made in the battleground states including the terrorist accusation  and now Rudy Guiliani is making them in Virginia.  According to MSNBC’s First Read, there is a new

…Giuliani robo-call (audio here) that accuses Obama of not being for “mandatory prison sentences for sex offenders, drug dealers, and murderers.” Readers told the blogs it is making the rounds in at least Minnesota and Colorado.  

There are a lot of judges and people in criminal justice that also think that mandatory sentencing doesn’t work.  They think there should be more ability to take the circumstances into account. I don’t think this is a partisan issue.  Like the Ayres accusation, it is full of half truths and not worthy of Mr. 911.

A few days also I wrote a post “First take on Colin Powell” in which I said I was particularly impressed about Powell’s comments on Muslims in America.  Today, Maureen Dowd has a wonderful column on the same subject.

Great season, Sox! Go Phillies.

The Red Sox didn’t quite have it this year.  Too many injuries for one thing.  Papi, Lowell, Beckett in particular.  I’m happy they made it to the play-offs this year. As Bob Ryan writes in the Boston Globe,

The sum and substance of it all is that this new era of Red Sox success is ongoing. This team took a lot of hits this year and still came within a game of the World Series. No team has accomplished more in this new century.

Having grown up in the Philadelphia part of New Jersey, I grew up watching the Phillies on TV.  I was a Phillies fan except when they played the Brooklyn Dodgers.  (one of my first loves was Sandy Koufax.) The first live game I went to was a Phillies Double Header with my father.  So I’m with Joe Biden.  Go Phillies!