First take on Colin Powell

So just over two weeks to go.  Newpaper endorsements are going Obama’s way.  His campaign got $150 Million in contributions in September.  The polls are tightening.  If you are a Democrat or an Obama supporter from any party, it is as I wrote a few days ago, time to be anxious.

The big, big, endorsement was from Colin Powell.  Thoughtful and reasoned, General Powell made points about the Republican campaign, Bill Ayres, and accusations that Barak Obama is Muslim.  Powell is the first person I’ve heard say basically, “So what if he were Muslim?”  The story he told about the mother at her son’s grave with the Star and Crescent was very moving.  I also liked his comment on the 7 year old Muslim child who wants to grow up to be President.

Here, in case you haven’t seen it is the Meet the Press link.

I know that some who are against the war will not think highly of this endorsement because of General Powell’s presentation at the United Nations about weapons of mass destruction.  To me the endorsement is almost as important for Powell as a war to rehabilitate his own reputation.