Ayres, Keating, and Todd Palin

The Boston Globe had a very interesting little piece this morning in which they outlined the stories of Bill Ayres and Charles Keating.  http://www.boston.com/news/politics/2008/articles/2008/10/07/character_and_ethics_issues_come_to_the_fore/

Read it and decide which you would rather associate with.  Bill Ayres, like a number of ’60’s radicals, including Bobby Rush who is now in Congress and Tom Hayden who served in the California legislature, became a productive and contributing member of society.  How better to make a contribution than to teach teachers?  And Charles Keating?  He went to jail.

I don’t think Sarah Palin has any clue as to what she is being asked to say.  She doesn’t know Bill Ayres and has no clue about what happened in the 1960’s.  If I wanted to get really exercised about her statements, I would point out that her own husband is/was a member of a radical political party.  Is Todd Palin a terrorist? It appears that the founder of the Alaska Independence Party is.  This quote is from an article today by David Talbot in Salon.com:

“My government is my worst enemy. I’m going to fight them with any means at hand.”

This was former revolutionary terrorist Bill Ayers back in his old Weather Underground days, right? Imagine what Sarah Palin is going to do with this incendiary quote as she tears into Barack Obama this week.

Only one problem. The quote is from Joe Vogler, the raging anti-American who founded the Alaska Independence Party. Inconveniently for Palin, that’s the very same secessionist party that her husband, Todd, belonged to for seven years and that she sent a shout-out to as Alaska governor earlier this year. (“Keep up the good work,” Palin told AIP members. “And God bless you.”)


My take is that trying to associate Barak Obama with terrorism is coded racism. Don’t trust the black man with the funny Muslim sounding name because he secretly is out to hurt you.  I don’t know where this new Republican tactic is going, but I hope and pray it doesn’t lead to an unfortunate violent act.