Red Sox Beat the Angels

They did it!  After losing a painful 12 inning game (blowing many chances to win along the way), the Red Sox are in the ALCS.  This time it took another dramatic ending: A walk-off single scoring a run to beat the Angels who did have the best record in the American League. 

At least the Sox and Rays are both on the East Coast and maybe someone at the network (Fox?) carrying the game will have an earlier start than 8:30.  I’ve fallen in a pattern of watching the first innings (inning if on the West Coast) then retiring to my bed with the radio.  I then doze on and off, but managed to be awake when the Rays scored in the 12th in Game 3 and when Lowrie got his single last night. 

Having to go to work spoils things a little. But it is reimiscent of when I was a young girl following the Dodgers (Koufax, Drysdale, Gilliam, Wills era) on an old box radio.  I could get statiions out to St. Louis and New Orleans (Houston Astros) and so, was at night, able to follow the Dodgers when they played in LA.  There was something magical about lying in the dark and “seeing” the game unfold.  Then I could mostly stay awake though the game.  No job to get to early.  No school.

Bring on the Rays. Bring on the Dodgers or Phillies if you like. There is plenty of champagne left in New England and Mayor Menino has sent the duck boats to have their tires rotated.

So writes Dan Shaunghnessy in today’s Boston Globe.

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