2 thoughts on “Is it Kaine?

  1. I think Kaine’s advantage would be in the governing part not in the getting elected part. Take a look at Chaney. I don’t think he was much of an electoral influence, but he is President. Tim is an unknown who is conservative in the best sense and would be a good person to have around because he wouldn’t agree with Obama all the time. He also has experience as both Mayor of Richmond and Governor so he would be the part of the team that has actually run something. None of my friends in VA who work in State government have complained about how he has run things so I think that is going well.

    But now the timing is off a little. Obama is going off on vacation for a week and the Olympics start in a couple of hours. Does he announce during the games or wait until the convention in a couple of weeks? I bet it would before the Olympics so I’m not hazarding another guess.

  2. I think you kind of have to step back and ask what kind of role Obama expects the vice president to play in the administration and then consider who might best play that role. Currently we have a vice presidential office grossly swollen with unconstitutional power, a two-headed monster, if you will. Is there any plan for restoration?

    Actually, Clinton and Gore started it, with Gore’s expanded visibility as vice president and the appearance at least that he was close to the president and had serious input into the direction and decisions the administration took. Before Clinton the vice president went to funerals. Remember all the jokes about G.H.W.Bush under Reagan?

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