Media Coverage

I noticed an interesting statistic in Frank Rich’s column on Sunday which I just got around to reading last night.

But as Geroge Mason University’s Center for Media and Public Affairs documented in its study of six weeks of TV new reports this summer, Obamas’s coverage was 28 percent positive and 72 percent negative. (For McCain, the split was 43/57.))

I think this is in part because the TV continually reports on McCain’s advertisments which are increasingly negative. (Hey, John. What happened to your positive campaign?)  The pundits also fail to point out McCain’s falsehoods and flip-flops.  As I have written before when is the mainstream media going to report on Cindy McCain’s money and lies about her family?  (someone other than the New York Times, that is. ) I guess the humanitarian trip to Georgia is supposed to soften her image somehow.

Eric Alterman has some good things to say on this subject in The Nation.

I keep hoping the media coverage of the Obama/Biden ticket will take a positive turn which will, I trust, lift the polls.

Michelle Obama

I’m with Keith Oberman on this one.  Wow!   So, Cindy McCain, what do you say now?  (I know Mrs. McCain is on a humanitarian trip to Georgia.  I’d love to know if she has ever done anything like this before.)

The biographies of both Michelle and Barak are so compelling and seeing her on stage with the two girls talking to their father who was appearing by remote television was just wonderful.  The girls are cute and bright and obviously in love with their parents.  I loved Shasha taking the mike and saying, “What city are you in, Daddy?”

I just don’t understand why people, ordinary Americans, might not elect this man and this familiy to the White House.  How could anyone have looked at the stage last might and wondered if they were American enough, ordinary enough to relate?