The Republican Veep

What’s up with Sarah Palin?  The Democrats did not pick Tim Kaine in part because his electoral experience was Richmond City Council, Mayor of Richmond and not quite 3 years as governor of Virginia.  Sound a lot like Palin’s resume.  This is the woman that John McCain picked – at age 72 – to sit a hearbeat away fromt the Presidency?  At least Tim speaks Spanish and has lived in Latin America.

This reminds me a lot of the Dan Quayle pick.  Of course, maybe I don’t want to think about that too much as that worked – or at least didn’t hurt the Republicans.  And reports are that she’s on tape saying she really didn’t want to be vice president because she didn’t know what a vice president did (!).  She also under investigation for corrpution in Alaska.

I think this is a cynical move to curry favor with the religious right and maybe some Clinton supporters.  I hope the Bill and Hillary have made it clear enough that John McCain and now Sara Palin stand in opposition for everything Hillary was fighting for during the primaries.

The Last Night of the Convention

I was just too tired last night to write anything and having overslept a little this morning had to haul myself to work.  But Barak Obama’s speech was all anyone could ask for.  Tough, full of specifics and Presidential.  The policy parts reminded me of a state of the union address.  And he went right back at John McCain.

I had been one of the skeptics about using a stadium.  Was it over the top?  Would it be partially empty?  No on both counts.  I disagree with some critics that the ordinary people who came out and spoke about their problems and why they are supporting Obama were too much like a telethon.  The best line was “I’m Barney Smith, not Smith Barney.”  The only grip I had was the lack of close-ups of the Obama family and then of the united Obama-Biden family at the end.  They seems really far awy on TV.

It is time to get to work to get Obama elected.