More on the Storm of 2013 – with Dustin Pedroia

We have a lot of snow here in Boston and the hot discussion is whether the T or train system could have reopened faster – not until tomorrow morning for the Monday commute.  For those of you who don’t know, the train is partially underground and partially above.  I can hear them working on the orange line which runs down the hill from our house and is above ground where we are.  And while our street has been plowed there are places where the wind has blown snow back across it and people are getting stuck.

But Brendan Lynch at public radio WGBH is trying his best to look forward to spring.  He is measuring the snow in Dustin Pedroias.  Dustin is the shortest member of the Red Sox.  I think that Brendan is working on the official Major League height and Dustin is actually shorter, but here is what was posted yesterday morning.  There have been so new totals since then so you can do your own math.

Spencer (which is near Worcester, MA) is now reported at 34.5″  clearly half a Pedroia.  Logan Airport (which will be the official Boston total) is 24.9″   And Jamaica Plain, a section of Boston right across those Orange Line tracks from us, is 25.5″  These totals are from David Epstein’s Weather Wisdon blog.

So while we aren’t quite half a Pedroia here in Boston, that is still a lot of snow!

Highland Park 2-9-2013

Another view of the park across the street.

The Top Ten things I hate about riding the T

I ride the Boston subway system regularly.  It is relatively inexpensive, and is generally efficient.  But is can also drive one crazy.  So here is my Top Ten of things I hate about riding the MBTA:

10.  The new cloth seatcovers that make it difficult to tell if the seat is wet.

9.   People who take up more than one seat because, hey, their package  (or briefcase or backpack) needs a seat also.

8.   Men who take up more than one seat because they insist on spreading their legs.

7.  People who stand in front of empty seats.

6.  The conductor who has never figured out how to use the mike to announce stops so you can understand them which is closely related to

5.  The  T management which has taken the individuality out of the annoucements (I used to have one who sang the stops and another who annouced the historic sites at each stop.)

4.  People who can’t converse without being loud and using excessive profanity.

3.  People who play their music so loudly I can hear it from across the aisle and down the car – and they are using ear phones.

2.  People who have loud cell phone conversations – especially when they are personal.

1.  People who insist on standing in front of the door and seem to not understand that they need to move so you can get off. 

I’m not David Letterman, but I do my best.