About FortLeft

I am a retired public employee who has worked for state and local governments.  I have lived and/or worked in Philadelphia, Moorestown/Mt. Laurel, NJ,  Annapolis, MD, Richmond, VA and Boston.  My current residence is in Vermont.

At the age of 1 I campaigned with my father for Henry Wallace who was the Progressive Party candidate and I am been politically active ever since participating in the civil rights and the anti-Vietnam war movements as well as being involved in many political campaigns on all levels.

I use FortLeft to write about the days events and anything else that takes my fancy including politics, science, sports and history.

The photograph in the header is by FortRight and is Indian Lake in Madame Sherrie Park.

17 thoughts on “About FortLeft

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  1. Awesome blog. I understand the interest in politics from a young age. I cannot remember I time when i didn’t pay attention to political workings. Looking forward to reading more!

  2. Dabney Morriss, in Richmond.
    Hi Maya,
    I’ve been meaning for some time to let you know I’ve been enjoying Fort Left since about the time Gentle Woman of a Dangerous Kind came out — I was hoping to get to a showing and perhaps see you, but so far have missed my opportunities for various reasons. I did put the blog on my toolbar and check in regularly — also scan back in the history from time to time — I only follow a few things, and this has taken hold.
    We started a monthly SJC seminar group last August. Both these help keep whatever brain cells are still working lubricated. Hope to be in touch sometime. Having figured out about the posting I’ll check that. Thanks & Cheers, Dabney

    • Hi Dabney, Good to hear from you and glad you enjoy FortLeft. I think that Janet and Lynda have plans to show Gentle Woman around Richmond more so maybe you can catch it sometime. One of this year’s SJC reunion classes is going to show it and some alums are going to try to show it in NYC which is exciting. I’m retired now and do this blog as part of my trying to keep the brain cells working. Take care, Maya

  3. firstly you dont have to thank me, you’re clearly amazing, and secondly, how did you get it so that you can have all those different widgets where you wanted them, and also how to make the other page appear in the top bar?

    • You should be able to drag the widgets to the place you want them. The support/help section has a really good explanation of pages. In fact, support is really pretty good for most things.

    • Believe it or not it is a standard blog. I do pay for my URL as mhasegawa.com, but right now that is all. I am going to have to get more download capacity soon, however.

      And thank you for liking my blog.

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