Doonesbury: Romney in Paris

Here is the entire sequence of Mitt Romney on his Mormon mission in Paris where he went instead of enlisting and going to Vietnam to fight in a war he supported.







So there you have it.  The Romney story as told by Garry Trudeau.

3 thoughts on “Doonesbury: Romney in Paris

  1. The strips were hysterical, mainly because they were truth-based, and mainly because I’m a big Obama fan. Geez, telling the French they’ll have to lay off cigarettes, wine and women is like telling them they can’t be French.

  2. Hilarious! C’est tres vrai, non? (Had to see how much French I remember, and it popped right up.) I just wish that Romney hadn’t done so well in the first debate. Or should I say, that Obama hadn’t done so poorly. I fear that this election is gonna be a squeaker.

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