Hurricane Sandy from Boston

It is just past 3 pm when I began to write.  The morning was pretty calm.  Nothing we haven’t seen before and I wondered if Mayor Menino had made the right decision to close City Hall and the Boston Public Schools.  But the trains and subway shutdown at 2 and kids would have been dismissed early.

We live on the top two floors of a post-Civil War house on top of one of the hills in Boston and the house has weathered a lot of storms.  But we can now feel the house shaking.  About an hour or so ago things really picked up with rain and wind lashing the east and north facing windows.  And we are hundreds of miles from the eye of the storm!  I have been watching scenes from the Jersey shore where I spent many summers of the childhood and can only imagine the devastation on Long Beach Island.

The main impact is due between 5 and midnight.  Midnight is when Boston Harbor has high tide.  But already people are posting pictures of damage.

This is from Belmont, just outside of Boston and where Mitt Romney lives.

And this is from South Boston not sure of the exact location but I’m sure near the Boston Harbor Walk and Castle Island where I often walk.

Hurricane Sandy in South Boston, Mass. -- Photo courtesy: @Brooke_Marlowe

More updates as things progress.

South Boston Photograph from @Brooke_Marlow.  Belmont photograph from Liz.