Round one: Romney

Never thought I’d be writing those words, but President Obama was off his game tonight.  Romney was aggressive and lied and flipped, but seemed credible.  The President never called him on it except a little on the Obamacare/Romenycare issue.  This was a missed opportunity.  I think the President had decided to just be Presidential and it didn’t work.  Maybe he wasn’t prepared, but his mind just wasn’t there.

Was it enough to turn the election?  Not sure.  Romney being aggressive and walking over Jim Lehrer was not particularly attractive.  Will it turn people off?

This was always a tight race and it just got tighter.

Will the first debate decide the election?  Will anyone pay any attention to the fact checking which will show, I think, more Romney errors?  Can the President’s team go back and figure out how to use his words against him in the next debate?

And one final thought, Joe Biden’s words haunted this debate.  Can he overcome this against Paul Ryan?

Very disappointing.

More tomorrow.

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