Pastor Rick Updated

After I did my post on the invocation, I ran across this blog entry by Melissa Etheridge.  She recounts her conversation with Rick Warren and how she now feels about having him do the invocation.

As Bob and I were saying at breakfast this morning, maybe Barack Obama is up to something here – like co-opting the religious right.  Our conversation was triggered by this little note on the Boston Globe editorial page:

Evangelicals: Too outspoken a spokesman
Richard Cizik was forced to resign earlier this month after 28 years as vice president for public affairs with the National Association of Evangelicals, despite expanding the flock among younger evangelicals with his calls for “creation care” on the environment. The last straw for the church hierarchy was Cizik’s Dec. 2 interview with NPR’s Terry Gross of “Fresh Air,” in which he revealed he voted for Barack Obama in the Virgina primary and said he was growing more tolerant of civil unions (though not marriage equality) for gay couples. The worst part is that Cizik’s departure will give cheer to rival Christian activists such as James Dobson, who wanted Cizik fired for his “relentless” campaign against global warming long before gay marriage was a big issue.

As they used to say on Laugh-In,  “Very Interesting.”

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