The Real Value of Dustin Pedroia

I hope that the contract extension that was negotiated between the Boston Red Sox and Dustin Pedroia is a sign of good things to come.  We need to end the craziness of the huge smounts of money being paid to sports stars.  I’m not saying that $7 Million a year is chicken feed, but Dustin signed for less than he could have gotten so he can have contract security (through 2015) and stay in a place he loves.  And Boston is happy to have you, Dustin.

Tony Mazzarotti wrote in the Boston Globe the other day

Clearly, Dustin Pedroia could have held out for more. Maybe he should have. But in an age when professional athletes are criticized for making decisions based solely on money, we cannot possibly pass judgment on a deal that seems, in a word, reasonable.

He goes on to quote Pedroia

“I understand all that stuff,” Pedroia said when asked about giving up some of his long-term leverage. “I knew if I had gone year to year I would have made more money. I understand that without a doubt. But I’m in a place where they me treat me and my family unbelievable. I’m happy with this.

“I want to be here. I want to play for the Red Sox,” Pedroia added. “I don’t want to play for anybody else. It seemed right to do something.”

Now if the Sox can only find a catcher.