Challenge to Obama’s qualifications

The Supreme Court has been asked to take a case which questions whether  Barack Obama is Constitutionally qualified to be President.  At issue is the fact that his father was not an American citizen even though his mother was and he was born in Hawaii after it was granted statehood.  The allegation is that he is not  a “natural born citizen.”

NBC has an interesting take on the situation concluding that it is unlikely the Supreme Court will intervene. adds an interesting piece of information:  Clarence Thomas is the one asking that the Court consider taking the case.

The U.S. Supreme Court will decide Friday whether to take up a case over president-elect Barack Obama’s citizenship — one of a few around the country seeking to nullify his election, but this one has an interesting lineage. It was referred to the high court by Justice Clarence Thomas, the court’s only African-American justice.

Maybe Thomas is just returning the favor — putting through a case that questions whether Obama should be president, after Obama said he wouldn’t have picked Thomas for the high court.

Can I believe that Thomas could be so petty?  You betcha!

A decision is expected on Monday.

2 thoughts on “Challenge to Obama’s qualifications

  1. The SCOTUS was to be the non-political branch of government to keep the country balanced & protect against abuse of government or the majority. History has proven repeatedly that justices repudiated the political ends of the president who nominated them & the Senate that confirmed them. Unfortunately for the long-term benefit of our country, the Court has been politicized during the last 30 years in an attempt to overturn Roe vs. Wade (SupCt, 1973). However, Justice Thomas’ efforts to impugn the Federal Election Commission’s decision – that Barack Obama met Constitutional criteria for eligiblity – should give citizens cause for concern for the country’s justice system.

  2. There is no question that fairness and justice should prevail. However When we should be focusing on economy, jobs, war and all the other problems we have at hand, this is a very obsurd way of wasting everyone’s time. It’s time to move on, look forward and not constantly question this guys authenticity – not that he did not go through this enough times during his campaign.

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