Gay marriage: not the end of the world

I always wondered what people meant when they said that gay marriage would somehow negatively affect their own marriages.  What exactly did they think would happen?  The sky would fall?  The divorce rate would sky rocket?  How would a marriage between two women or two men change anyone else’s relationship?  It has been a mystery to me ever since we had gay marriage legalized in here Massachusetts.

I just came back from a couple of days in a state which just approved gay marriage and where some marriages have taken place.  I didn’t notice that Maine was any different from the last time I was there and I guess Wiley Miller hasn’t either.  Here is today’s Non Sequitur.


Pitchers and Catchers Report Today

With the aging Celtics fading into an average team and snow on the ground outside my window, it is time to think about the Red Sox.

This was Wiley Miller’s Non Sequitur (which is set in Maine) from February 12.  Truck Day is when the equipment trucks load up at Fenway and head south.  People actually go watch and cheer.

The Boston Globe wrote

Sorry Punxsutawney Phil and your six-more-weeks-of-winter prediction, but if you live in New England and are a fan of Red Sox, a sure sign of spring has arrived — Truck Day!

But today is the day pitchers and catchers report which is yet another sign of spring to come.  A new season is always hopeful with new players and changes.  I understand that the Sox are going to be more defensive this year.  Just another thing to watch for as the season unfolds.

Will Dice-K stay healthy?  Do we have a shortstop?  Can Jacoby play left field?  What will happen to Mike Lowell?  Can Clay learn to pitch?  Will Pap get his groove back?  The answer to these questions and more as the season unfolds, but for now all things are possible.