The start of the Presidential election season

First, I guess it really isn’t a season in the meteorological sense if it ever was but more like a year.

I’m not sure which of the Republican candidates I would want the Democratic nominee to run against since I find most of them pretty scary in the horror movie sense.  As far as I can tell none believe in climate change (even Bush and Rubio from Florida which is sinking fast); they don’t (even Rand Paul the doctor) believe in science; and they certainly don’t believe in what used to be called “the little people.”  They want the United States to be a “Christian Nation.”  I guess they just carry copies of the United States Constitution around in their suit coat pockets, but don’t read it.  It says something about “establishment of religion.”  My assumption that we long ago resolved to be a diverse society – including religious belief – must be incorrect.  At times they seem almost to be a Christian version of those fundamentalist Muslims they so oppose.  But most frightening of all is that all of them seem to want to control women and our bodies.  They appear to be opposed to regulation except of women.  So there really isn’t much to choose from on that side.  It should be fun to watch when they begin to squabble.

My problem is Hillary Clinton.  I’m not exactly sure why I am not enthusiastic about her.  I always liked her when she was First Lady, thought she represented New York well in the Senate, and she was a good Secretary of State.  But President?  I just can’t get excited.


I took the Gail Collins quiz, “Take Your Hillary Temperature” the other week and my score was “ready for a primary.”  But who could be in the primary?

I like Elizabeth Warren and worked hard to get her elected to the Senate when I live in Massachusetts, but I think we should take her at her word that she doesn’t want to run.  If she stays in the Senate and things break for the Democrats she could be the first woman Majority Leader.  So leave Elizabeth alone, please.

There is my current Senator, Bernie Sanders.  Bernie might make a fine candidate, I think he would be a good debater, but I just can’t see him as President.  He was the mayor of Burlington, VT which in the scheme of things is not a very big town.  Bernie is like the opposite of Ted Cruz ideologically.  I think he’s going to run.

There are three governors who would be possible.  Deval Patrick (who has already said no), Tim Kaine (who is already supporting Hillary) and Martin O’Malley who appears to be running.  I also like Senator Amy Klobachar but I don’t think she has any thoughts about running.

So why can’t I just jump on the Hillary bandwagon?  I get many email from various people telling me to do just that.  I think, however, I am suffering from Clinton fatigue.  We know too much about her and Bill not all of which I like.  I’m also not sure she can attract the young, white, male voters who may well decide this election.  And maybe it is none of those reasons, but something I can’t yet put my finger on.  All I know is that I think a primary would be good for the Democratic Party whether Hillary gets the nomination or not.

Photograph: Justin Sullivan / Getty

8 thoughts on “The start of the Presidential election season

  1. I think perhaps I am luke-warm as well because of her efforts to not alienate the people of faith. But – I was part of the March for Women’s Rights back in 2004, and she gave an amazing speech.
    I’ve been asked what I think of her here (Ireland) and my answer is that I will vote for her if no one I like better comes along, because no way in hell will I accept any of the R candidates so far.

    Maybe we are all ambivalent because it isn’t likely we will have another Dem president, and she is wasting her time?

    • Perhaps you are right, but I think the fun will be watching the Republicans blow themselves up. Maybe that is wishful thinking.

      • They are all mostly insane. But it seems to me that a good number of Americans are also mostly insane. I still have a vote, even after 10 years here! I will be using it, I always do.

        It’s hard to feel positive right now. Early days, early days…

  2. If a male Democratic candidate had all of Hillary’s qualifications ( include her works before she even became a First lady ) maybe Democrats would be more enthusiastic.
    When Elizabeth Warren was still a Republican , Hillary was already fighting for Universal health Care ( and vilified for it ), which was even more progressive than Obamacare.

    I have never heard a male candidate for President called ” ambitious “…. it was only Hillary who was called that. just listen to Alex Wagner. Crystla Ball calls Hillary’s campaign ” pandering “…. as if no candidate ever panders except Hillary.

    • I don’t doubt Hillary’s credentials and it makes me sad that I can’t embrace the first woman that really has a chance to be President. As I said, I’m not sure what it is that bothers me but it sure isn’t her ambition.

  3. I not too excited about Hillary either, but since it’s probably going to come to her versus one of the Tea Party clowns, I’d happily run down to the polling place to vote for her.

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