The Mavericks and the Red Sox

The Dallas Mavericks are winners!  They defeated Miami and “King James” for the rest of us.

Two interesting posts from the New York Times live blog of the game.

10:42 P.M. |This one is over.

The Dallas Grown-Ups will surely finish this one, as the Miami Children continue to run around without any direction or purpose, much like I do in regards to my entire life. I empathize.

10:43 P.M. |Long Summer

It’s going to be a long summer for LeBron, D-Wade, and the rest of the Heat.

Classy move by LeBron untucking his shirt with a minute to go, too. Someone get him a life coach. Shotgun not it.

I also heard on the radio that LeBron shook a few hands and left the court almost immediately after the game was over.  What a classy guy – not! 

The Heat will likely win a championship sometime, but for right now, I’m happy that it wasn’t this year.

Earlier the Red Sox who finished in such a disappointing way last year, started the seaon 0-6 and then 2-10 and seemed to take forever to get to .500. won their 9th in a row – and I think, the 3rd sweep in a row.

David Ortiz greets Adrian Gonzalez after Gonzalez’s two-out home run in the first inning.

Carl Crawford has had his moments since coming to the Red Soxs, but Adrian Gonzalez is just as amazing as advertised.  And he – or something has Big Papi on a tear that has lasted for weeks now.  But recently it is not just the wins, it is the number of runs being scored and most of all it is the pitchers stepping up.  And speaking of pitching, it seems likely that Daisuke Matsuzaka had pitched his last game for the Sos and possibly the last in this country and he heads for Tommy John surgery.

Congratulations, Mavs!  Go Sox!