New Hampshire Makes Six

Six states now recognize gay marriage:  Massachusett, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Iowa.  I’m not surprised at Vermont and Massachusetts, but never thought New Hampshire and Iowa would be among the early states.

Governor John Lynch made a great statement when signing the bill.  His own thinking has evolved from thinking only in terms of civil unions to recognizing the right to marry.  According to the story just posted on the Boston Globe 

Lynch said at the bill signing ceremony that he hoped that despite passionate debate about the issue, citizens would respect each other as they had after the civil union law was passed.

“It is my hope and my belief that New Hampshire will once again come together to embrace tolerance and respect and to stand against discrimination,” he said.

“Today is a victory for all the people of New Hampshire who, I believe, in our own independent way, want tolerance for all. That’s truly the New Hampshire way,” he said.

N.H. approves gay marriage

New Hampshire Episcopal Rev. Gene Robinson, the church’s only openly gay bishop, said the law is about being recognized as whole people and whole citizens.

But the real celebration will come when we hit 50.

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