Republican April Fool

Last week the Repbulicans released a budget with no numbers .   Today, April First, they released one with numbers.  Who stages their events and didn’t they know what day it is?

The Washington Post’s Lori Montgomary wrote

After getting blasted last week for presenting a budget plan light on details, House Republicans today unveiled a more complete proposal that would cut taxes for business and the wealthy, freeze most government spending for five years, halt spending approved in the economic stimulus package and slash federal health programs for the poor and elderly.

This seems to be back to the future.  Didn’t we already try this?  Representative Paul Ryan who presented the alternative said it offers “lower spending, lower deficits, lower debt and more jobs.”  The argument is always that lower taxes for businesses (repeat the mantra “the United States has the highest corporate tax rates in the world.”) will create jobs.  I guess that after Boehner and Cantor, the party needed to try a new face.

Here is Dan Gross on 1600 Pensylvania Avenue with David Gregory.

The White House Reaction

“If you expected a GOP alternative to the failed policies of the past that got our country into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, then I have two words for you: April Fool’s,” said Kenneth Baer, communications director for the Office of Management and Budget.

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