Belated note on the Phillies Victory!

Since the Red Sox didn’t make it into the Series this year, I’m overjoyed that my birth city team has won.  I’m sorry, but the Tampa Bay Rays fans were not worthy of a championship.  What is this business of ringing cow bells in an enclosed stadium anyway?  And as Charlie Pierce said in today’s Boston Globe  “Obama draws bigger crowds buying the paper every morning than the Rays did in the middle of a pennant race.”

The Red Sox re-signed Tim Wakefield.  I assume Curt Shilling will be retiring.  I expect more changes this winter.

Waiting for Tuesday

It is Sunday night.  I’ve dropped ‘get out the vote’ flyers at maybe 300 households yesterday and today and talked to a bunch of people while doing so.  Several said they were going to vote even though they were mad at Dianne Wilkerson (who was arrested by the Feds last week for taking bribes) because they wanted to vote for Obama.  I have to say that I also felt like I was punched in the gut by the news of Dianne’s arrest.  The photographs are disconcerting.  What ever was she thinking?!  At any rate, I still expect a huge turnout for Obama here in Boston.

The polls are up for Obama.  No they are up for McCain.  Makes me positively dizzy.  So here is a little amusing but serious video.