Problems with the Sox and other important thoughts

So I turned off the game at about 8:30.  Dice-K was getting shelled.  First, Beckett pitched a not so great game and lost to the Yankees, now Matsuzaka.  Only Lester has done well this week.  Everyone is giving up homers.  And then there is Manny.  I don’t know what drives him, but he seems to have this need to shake things up.  Maybe he does this to keep himself interested and motivated.  I think this is the Angels’ year.

Was at a meeting today and we were wondering what effect the election will have on unfunded mandates for cities getting federal funds.  Everyone at HUD seems to have decided that now is the time to gear up enforcement and requirements pile up without regard to administrative cost or lack of staff.  Don’t think McCain will change much and it is hard to tell if Obama will put on his corporate hat and try to reduce requirements.  With a community organizer hat, it could go either way.

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